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If your’re looking for a well equiped vacation rental with very nice, outgoing landlords, then look no further! We got there too early, but it was no problem to find a way to let us in to the apartment. We got helpful directions as to how to best get to the ski resorts, and since Mrs. Eisenhofer was already heading in that direction, she was able to give us a lift. It was perfect! The photos speak for themselves. We couldn’t have asked for more and we’ll gladly recommend this place to others. Greetings from the five from the North.

N. Kösling - Quickborn

We arrived and found the apartment already festively decorated (Christmas tree, Advent’s candles, and other decorations.) Every room was very attentively decorated and matched each other. There were more than enough closets and the hallway had plenty of room for all our jackets and coats. There were even slippers for us to use. There were toys for the kids, books for the adults and lots of information on what to do in the surrounding area. We felt all around at home and the Eisenhofer’s were very nice. We’d gladly come again any time. Sincerly, the Renner Family

K. Renner - Velbert

The apartment had just been freshly furnished and has modern and comfortable furniture. The garden is very well groomed and is perfect for relaxing in the beautiful mountains! The recommendations for activities were also very helpful! Our kids found a bunch of toys to play with and were very warmly welcomed. Thanks a lot for the wonderful time!

The Schwindt Family - Berlin

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